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Opportunities for inclusion

The online setting provides an unprecedented opportunity to enhance diversity and create mass inclusion. This episode will help you make sure that every voice is heard.

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Top Interpretation

Multilingual meetings where participants interact and produce more results together. Learn how to get to top translation with the tips in this episode. 

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Reading the Online Room

Get practical tips to find out what your online audience thinks and feels. It will help you innovate and create a sense of connection.

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What gave you all this energy?

A video recording of a participant explaining why the session that had just ended was the best she had experienced since Covid.

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Online interaction and serendipity with virtual reality

Dive into the world of avatars and motor boats to find out how your participants can interact in a spontaneous way during your next conference or fair. 

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Dr Penny Pullan on effective virtual and hybrid leadership

In this interview, Dr Penny Pullan talks about virtual leadership after 9/11, creative collaboration for our time and effective hybrid teams.

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Workshops at two meters apart

Measures such as keeping a distance remain crucial to keep the coronavirus under control. How do you do that during your on-site team session? Receive ten tips.

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Unboxing the Proof

Snail mail! After an extensive assessment, proof of certification from the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) arrived from Canada.

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