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Fly Less and Achieve More – Survey

Climate change and ‘shift the power’ have sparked the desire to reduce air travel for business and transfer responsibilities and means to teams in target countries. Brainy Bunch wishes to understand what works. Will you share your experience?

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The flow to content that shines

If you wish to get your message across, you need to be connected to your audience. This animation sheds light on the flow that leads to content that shines.

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Presence to Connect

If your participants are answering their emails, they will not learn or own the solutions that are being developed. This article shows you how to enable everyone to be fully present at your next online event.

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Meet the interpreters

What drives interpreters and how do you help them excel? Host inclusive online meetings for more impact, with the insights from Brainy Bunch TV.

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Be generous, set specific goals for your next event

With a bold and meaningful purpose it is easier to organise an excellent workshop or conference. Your meetings gain depth, too. How to do this?

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The magic of tailored online interpretation

What will happen if you tailor the translation of your international events to the specific needs of the participants? Your meetings will provide more joy and learnings.

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Avoid three pitfalls in your well prepared meetings

With three small tweaks, you can achieve better results during your online events. Try it yourself, and you will notice the difference.

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Opportunities for inclusion

The online setting provides an unprecedented opportunity to enhance diversity and create mass inclusion. This episode will help you make sure that every voice is heard.

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Reading the Online Room

Get practical tips to find out what your online audience thinks and feels. It will help you innovate and create a sense of connection.

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What gave you all this energy?

A video recording of a participant explaining why the session that had just ended was the best she had experienced since Covid.

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Online interaction and serendipity with virtual reality

Dive into the world of avatars and motor boats to find out how your participants can interact in a spontaneous way during your next conference or fair. 

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Dr Penny Pullan on effective virtual and hybrid leadership

In this interview, Dr Penny Pullan talks about virtual leadership after 9/11, creative collaboration for our time and effective hybrid teams.

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Unboxing the Proof

Snail mail! After an extensive assessment, proof of certification from the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) arrived from Canada.

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