More knowledge sharing and better ideas during your virtual meeting?


Meetings can be much more effective – and fun – when the right conversation techniques lead to new insights and give clear structure to vision and decision making.

Lessons learned

Knowledge is often spread across different people in an organization. A group facilitator connects participants and thus makes it easier to solve a problem.

New insights

For new insights, a group must look at a problem from different perspectives and activate the creative brain. Then they can combine and prioritize ideas. Finally, they agree on follow-up actions.

Our cases

What others say

You did a great job facilitating a stakeholder session looking at the results of a Private Sector Development program. You created an open and creative atmosphere. Enough time for all the participants to share their experiences and you encouraged us to have constructive discussions. I would certainly recommend you.
Annemarie Kuppers
Manager - Netherlands Enterprise Agency
Great chair person! Focuses on the process and refrains from sharing personal opinions in the discussion.
Peter van Poortvliet
Account Manager - Netherlands Ministry of Health


Our Strategy Lab

Our office is set up as a Strategy Lab. The space is flexible, has got a Samsung Frame TV, flip overs and pin-up boards. The Strategy Lab comes with a kitchen and garden. We can arrange food and drinks entirely according to your wishes.
Bas Hekking

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