Brainy Bunch
1st Sweelinckstraat 28
2517GD The Hague 

The Netherlands
phone: +31 70 569 09 02

We love to hear from you

Tell us a little about your situation, and Jobien will get in touch shortly. She will set up a 20-minute call to get acquainted and discuss your specific situation. Then we will recommend a path forward in the quotation.

For inquiries, send an email to 

If you prefer to text, you can reach Jobien at +31629207524.

Jobien Hekking

Our Strategy Lab

Our office is set up as a Strategy Lab. The space is flexible, with a Samsung Frame TV, flip charts and pin boards. The Strategy Lab comes with a kitchen and garden. You are most welcome here with your group if you would like an on-site meeting in addition to online sessions.

Bas Hekking

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