Inclusive online Events

With the right design of your online event, people with different roles and backgrounds can all contribute to developing solutions that change the world. Inclusive meetings are essential to make sure that policies and programmes are fair and realistic.

You have several ways to make sure that everyone can participate. If you do nothing current biases are usually amplified. You end up with the usual suspects who do not share the time and ultimately a high no-show rate and no follow-up of your meeting. 

As a bonus, well prepared online interaction will also help you alleviate Zoom fatigue.

In this episode of Brainy Bunch TV you will learn more about what you can do.

Efficient use of breakout rooms

If you keep knowledge transfer out of the meeting as much as possible you liberate time for the participants to talk to one another. Make groups of no more than four persons. You can send them out to share their thoughts on specific questions with time boxes for each participant. If you do this repeatedly participants can dive deep into the topics and all develop great ideas simultaneously.

Individual contributions in chat

All participants can contribute to answering questions in the chat. A chatterfall can be overwhelming during the meeting, but afterwards the chat report is a rich resource that offered all present equal opportunity to share insights and opinions.

Prepare your interpreters well

If you make sure that your interpreters are well prepared, then you are also able to provide a level playing field to people who might not have English as their first language.

We can take care of your online workshops. Brainy Bunch has a team of experienced facilitators, technical support experts, speaker coaches and interpreters. Please, contact us for a chat about the possibilities. 

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