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Connection before Content

When it comes to online events, we often hear the well known saying ‘connection before content’. It means that your message only will hit home if the other person is actively listening if you are in touch with them. But there are two equally important ideas that deserve more of your attention presence before connection and preparation before presence.

Presence before connection

People can only be connected with you if they are not checking their emails or doing other things during your online event. So it reminds us to be fully engaged in the moment to establish a genuine bond. And it requires both you as a speaker and the participants to be mindful and involved.

Preparation before Presence

Preparation before presence emphasizes the value of groundwork. It means that you need to plan, organize and get everything ready for the presence and interaction during the online event. The bottom line is that if you want to create an online event that has real meaning and impact, put in the work ahead of time to enable everyone to be fully present. This means scripting every minute, arranging for quality tech hosting and support, preparing participants, speakers and interpreters, and doing everything you can to ensure a smooth experience for all involved. 

So here’s the flow: Preparation leads to presence, which leads to connection, and ultimately that’s where the content truly shines. Let’s transform the way we engage with others and make every interaction count. And you can take the first step today.

Please, contact us for a chat about the possibilities. We can take care of your online events. Brainy Bunch has a team of experienced facilitators, technical support experts, speaker coaches and interpreters. 

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