Recently, Brainy Bunch facilitated an in person strategy session again. As more and more countries open up after their lockdowns, what will a workshop with social distancing look like? The first thing that stands out is that you arrive at a venue that has a set-up to prevent the spread of the Corona virus. Disinfection pumps, walking routes, and coffee from the bean machine instead of the jugs in the room. Then you enter the rented space to prepare it for your team.

Keeping a distance of two meters between your participants requires creativity from you as a facilitator. How to provide as much inspiration and positive energy as before the corona crisis? Movement during a workshop now is limited and participants cannot work with the same materials. This means you have less spontaneous contact than before. 


You do have more space for informal contact and unplanned interaction and you can hear the buzz of subgroups. A hugely enjoyable sound after the lockdown.

However, an important part of the magic and effectiveness of on-site meetings has disappeared. So for safety, limiting travel costs and inclusion of colleagues who need to work from home, explore what you can do online to learn and innovate. Possibly in addition to in-person contact that is really aimed at social and spontaneous interaction.

Ten tips for two meter sessions:

  1. Do not fold up the tables, but leave them, so that it is easier to keep your distance.
  2. Give everyone their own package of material that is already on the table upon entry.
  3. Explain the corona rules at the start of the meeting.
  4. If you want participants to work in fours, make sure that the brake on one of the tables is off before the meeting starts. Then they can also sit on the inside of the open square.
  5. Offer a black or blue marker to the participants so that people who stay in their place can still read from a distance.
  6. Let the participants cluster and prioritize in groups, so you only have one movement per group to the flip chart where they share their main ideas. Keeping your distance is more difficult if everyone has to stick stickers simultaneously to prioritize.
  7. If you want to stick inspiration cards on a flip chart, do this with prepared rolls of painter’s tape instead of glue stick.
  8. Hang the same paper where the post-its can be placed on two sides of the room, so the rapporteurs can take a short route.
  9. If there is a second door in the room, open it and indicate with a sign which door can be used for entry and exit.
  10. Place a box at the exit where participants can deposit their used and materials upon departure.

We can take care of your online events. Brainy Bunch has a team of experienced facilitators, technical support experts, speaker coaches and interpreters. Please, contact us for a chat about the possibilities. 

If you want to experience how to lead participatory online meetings, then you are most welcome to join the workshop that Brainy Bunch organises for newsletter subscribers on Wednesday 19 October 2022. You can now register for the workshop.

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